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Standard Video Package

A sensible selection balancing cost and features. You get a professionally shot high definition record of your special day, giving you a great deal to remember while keeping the costs low.

Package includes...
  • The entire ceremony will be shot in 1080p full high definition from start to finish from up to three camera angles.
  • Video includes some pre-ceremony footage, and selected events from the reception (including the introductions, cake cutting, toasts, important dances, bouquet & garter, and other notable events) up to the couple's sendoff.
  • When possible, dubbed in audio from groom's microphone and other audio sources will be added during ceremony and reception. Additionally, music from the dances will be added during the editing process, all of this to improve sound quality and the overall viewing experience.
  • A limited number of supplied photos can be spliced into the video at the appropriate times. And a group of photos can be added at the beginning or end as a slideshow.
  • Music overlays can be added at your discretion, music selection is chosen by you.
  • Groom will be equipped with a lavaliere microphone for improved sound quality.
  • Completed package includes:
    • Two lightscribe DVDs
    • Private internet (YouTube or Vimeo) video in 1080p HD so you can share the video with friends and family.
Expected length: 40 - 60 minutes | $700

Optional Additions:

  • Copy of 1080p video as computer-readable file - $20
  • Two DVDs in premium cases - $30
  • Two 1080p Blu-Rays in premium cases - $50
  • Complete collection of raw materials - $60
  • One camera angle can be added for a total of four camera angles - $175


  • Internet video will be hosted on the Nimon Productions YouTube or Vimeo channels as a private video, this means that only those with a direct link to the video can view it, it cannot be found using the YouTube or Vimeo search. If you want the video to be public, all you have to do is ask (the private or public status of the video can be changed at any time).
  • The expected length is only an estimate and the actual length may vary based on the content available for editing. Actual length of video is not known until completion of editing process.
  • DVDs are burned using the DVD+R format which works on most DVD players and computers, if a different format is required (DVD-R, VCD, etc.), please notify me before we schedule the recordings.
  • Venues that span multiple days or are more than an hour's drive from Clovis, CA may accrue an additional charge for expenses and travel time. Please inform me of venue scheduling and location before we schedule the recordings.